Turning Fat into Muscle

The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Joshua Altman.

I just weighed myself for the first time in a year…and I weigh 20 pounds more than I expected! I was shocked, and truthfully as I write this, it still doesn’t compute because I don’t feel heavier.

I’ve consistently weighed 140 pounds most of my adult life thanks to a 6 day a week yoga practice. A year ago, I started CrossFit as my yoga practice became stagnant and too repetitive. I also wanted a different type of challenge.  Within two months, my 6-day yoga routine turned into yoga 3 times a week and CrossFit 2 times a week. Three more months later and I’m averaging yoga 2 times a week and CrossFit 3 times a week.

I was chatting with my CrossFit friends about my weight gain and they said, “you’re turning fat into muscle!” For the first six months, I really didn’t see much of a change besides knowing I could lift more weight. Not only was I lifting more weight but I also started eating much better…in addition to more food overall!  Now, after weighing myself and comparing pictures from a year ago, I see the changes!

In addition, Dr. Niall Dillan and Dr. Kayla Clark at Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness Center have said that my low back is moving more fluidly. Strength training and flexibility practice go hand and hand with chiropractic adjustments!

Even at 32 years old I’m still learning that each activity, hobby, or interest I have will have some sort of impact on my physical and mental health. This in itself is a great reminder that it is never too late to make change happen.

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