The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Marni Entrop.

Summer in Seattle is the cat’s meow. Its the time of the year that puffy jacket wearing Seattleites wait all year for. It is a month filled with sunlight, calendar filled weekends, and a lot of berries at the Farmer’s market. It truly is a grand time of the year.

This month my husband and I are gearing up for three triathlons within the next month. Two sprint course and one Olympic round. Oh boy! The famous trio of swim, bike, and run. (Thank you Lifestyle Chiropractic Team for helping me with body tuneups!)

I  figured this year I should maybe train a bit before I strap on the wetsuit, hop on the saddle and lace up the tennis shoes. I would love to be a person that could stick to a calculated training schedule but life with work, two kids, and summer festivities just don’t allow for that regimented training. I simply run when it feels cool in temperature, bike when life allows me more than an hour to get on the Birke Gilman, and swim when its not too wavy,windy or cold.

It feels like a training schedule that is just perfect for my life and energy. The “when it works” training plan. When I sign up for triathlons I simply do the races to have a personal best and to put forth a my best. I don’t have any goals, expectations or time caps. I don’t expect to win or even come close. It is one thing that I don’t have to feel competitive at and I love it!

For so many years, the competition was the center of why I did a certain sport. I thrived on the chance to go head to head with another person. I got a weird high off of winning and felt the tears of upset when I lost. Competition was why I chose to do sports. To win, to battle the team, to get a trophy or a paycheck.

As I round the corner towards my 40th birthday this all seems a little foreign now. It sounds funny but it is nice to have a sport that I don’t feel I need to be anything greater than what I want to put into it. To train because I want to not because I have to. To show up to an event, put the best I had into it that day and then walk away in perfect contentment with my efforts. It feels more satisfying to have achieved this mindset than any old trophy.

What are some of the things that pull you in the competitive spirit? What are some of the activities that you just show up, enjoy and give your personal best to?

Its good to have both and know the difference.

Enjoy the sunny days!

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