Rock Climbing

The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Eric Winebrinner.

One of the passions that I haven’t mentioned is rock climbing. I have been climbing for years and enjoy the mental and physical challenge. Some routes can be physically easy, but mentally hard and vice-versa. I’ve had the sun in my eyes, sweaty hands, route finding issues and dive-bombing hawks sending me off the wall to a sudden stop when my belay partner stops the rope. I always want the routes that fit my style. One of my favorite places is Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas. I’ve gone the same month for years. It is a great place to go because its warm, the routes are always fun and its an out of state trip 🙂

Yes, every trip I come home with an injury, ailment, or soreness. I have this bad ankle and it’s rare that I injure it rock climbing. This year I managed to overdo it before my trip and then I was weak climbing. So I came home to an inflamed hip flexor. I was having a hard time sleeping, my hip was unhappy and my posture was horrible for a month. I didn’t know what it was so I went in to see Sean and Lifestyle Chiropractic. He had me do a few stretches and it helped. A few weeks later I went back in and he checked my progress. A few new stretches and I’m feeling really good.

Climbing tip: Push the limits, but have a healthy respect for the protocols. If you haven’t been before… go try it. There are easy and hard routes for all skills. The easiest way up… use your feet! Most people pull with their hands, but walking up like a ladder is much easier.

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