Summer Has Arrived

The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Joshua Altman.

It always happens. Summer arrives and schedules get jam-packed! I’m no exception, and like many others here in Seattle I also like to utilize the sun as much as I can.

Summer has been a reason to keep my schedule clear and choose my adventures or plans in the moment. It’s been refreshing and much needed and has allowed me to just not think about much else once I leave work.

As a result of these long-lasting sunny days, I have also been “offline” a lot more. I’ve disconnected myself from the posts others make on Facebook and have deleted Instagram from my phone. I’ve also skipped out on CrossFit classes, yoga classes, and chiropractor appointments at Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness Center as the sun just seems to take over my thought process of what I want and need to do. I’ve enjoyed my time outdoors alone and with others, and it has been very insightful and impactful to my well being.

My experiences have more value as they are not attached to anything besides me and the people I’m with during them. I’ve traveled to new places on my days off, I’ve eaten at new places, and my girlfriend and I recently started learning sign language! Oh, the things you can do when you stop doing the things that aren’t benefiting you.

All in all, this post, as random as it may be… is about the lessons I’ve learned so far from this summer.

Less social media = time to learn new skills or explore new places

Summer = a time to clear your schedule but still do the things that are needed and important

So go enjoy in the sun!

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