Life’s a Roller Coaster

The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Caitlin Rose.

Life’s a Roller Coaster, Enjoy the Ride!

Whether it’s family, work, health, fitness, finances or relationships- there will always be the highs as well as the inevitable lows. While we can’t avoid the ebbs and flows of effort and ease throughout our life, we can change the way we look at them. The question then becomes, would you be willing to forgo your highest of highs to avoid your lowest of lows? Are you willing to accept that the good won’t last, but neither will the bad? Are you willing to be in the flow, to avoid the desperate grasping to remain in the intensity of the highs and lows?

I like to think of all aspects of life like a roller coaster, I’m either moving up and out of lows or I’m moving away from highs towards the lows. Having this mindset has taught me that nothing is ever constant and I should drop all the expectation that this will change. With this acceptance I am able to become more present to the process, I am able to be within the flow of life and not clinging to the highs or the lows like a small child to their Teddy Bear. I can be fully receptive to discomfort arising, simply observing how it affects my mind and body, fully knowing that it will not last.

With this awareness, I also get the pleasure of being able to enjoy the highs from the moment that they begin to transition away from lows. Watching this flow and learning to appreciate the constant cycle allows for the roller coaster of life to be a little less dramatic, a little less fear-driven and a lot more enjoyable.

While I use this approach for the big picture stuff, it is also very useful when pushing my physical limits- whether it be running a marathon or summiting a mountain. I can be more in the flow of the inevitable onset of discomfort, resting assured that it will eventually flow back into ease. When endurance becomes mental, this is where all the beauty of the preparation comes into play. This is how I make peace with pushing my limits and continuing to grow as a climber, runner and yoga practitioner. Two weeks until I get to climb Mt. Rainier and I can’t wait to see how much I am mentally and physically pushed to my limits.

May you find your flow, accept your highs as well as your lows and learn to appreciate the ride!

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