Spring Hiking

The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Eric Winebrinner.

PNW hiking can be incredibly diverse in the spring. Hiking on snow-capped mountains, through wet rainforests, and across windswept beaches is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have recently hiked on Shi Shi beach and a secret waterfall trail. The weather always plays a part with my choice of spring hikes. On rainy days I will opt for waterfall hikes. The streams are full and some waterfalls are only running in the spring. On sunny days I will hike on the snow-capped mountains. With the spring rains and wet conditions, I always tape my ankles(preventative for old injuries) and use hiking poles. Even with those precautions I always manage to injure myself. Between work and hiking, I tweaked my back and had a hard time sleeping. I bought a new bed not too long ago, which I originally love, so I thought the bed was the culprit. I headed into Lifestyle Chiropractic to see Sean, the physical therapist. I told him I was having issues sleeping and I was ready to return my new bed mattress. He did a few test exercises and told me that my poor sleep was probably due to a tight hip flexor. He gave me a few stretching exercises that have solved my sleeping/bed issues. Another reason I rely on the professional 🙂

Hiking tip: Moss doesn’t grow on the north side of trees in the PNW, it grows on all sides. Water does run down hill though. Smart phones have the slo-mo feature…. its great for waterfalls, skipping rocks, and rain drops in a lake. Just to name a few.

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