Valley of Fire

The following post is from Lifestyle Patient Eric Winebrinner.

When the weather is cold and rainy here in Seattle I like to go hiking further south. I hiked the Valley of Fire in Nevada recently. It was a great trip with warm weather and sunshine. The landscape is so different than the PNW so I had a field day taking hundreds of photos of the barren red landscape. We hiked two different trails, both with arched rocks. The trails vary greatly in terrain from sand to scrambling up smooth windblown rocks. The level of difficulty was not high, but the terrain was tiring. For me the rewards were great. I appreciate the southwest with the red landscape in contrast to the blue sky.

With a flight, multiple hours driving, and days of hiking then, driving and flying home I’m always tired and sore. As always, my friends at Lifestyle Chiropractic help me feeling healthy and happy again. I’m still amazed at how little it takes from a chiropractic adjustment to get my posture straight again. If you are active and haven’t stopped into Lifestyle Chiropractic I recommend it!f

Hiking tip: When flying, stay awake to 10 pm local time where you’re going. Get on the plane, drink a glass of red wine and wake up ready for the day. This has helped me avoid jet lag. 🙂

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