Common Reasons For Hitting A Plateau

When you’re working towards your health and fitness goals, you’re bound to hit a plateau. Don’t worry, that’s normal! Below are 6 reasons that might be responsible. 

  1. Diet – When it comes to getting fi,t diet is 75% of the battle. You can work out 7 days a week and get no results if you are eating like garbage. Make sure you are feeding your diet with tons of protein, healthy fats, and whole foods. Eliminate the processed foods, sugar, and “bad” carbs.
  2. Tracking your macros – Now as I mentioned above diet is 75% of becoming fit, but you also have to make sure you structure your diet around who you are. Tracking your macros will assure you are getting the proper nutrients you need to be healthy and fit for your body type and what your goals are. It also gives you a baseline of where to start, because trying to figure out what to eat is hard!
  3. Water intake – Your body cannot function properly if it’s dehydrated! Make sure you are getting plenty of water during the day – aim for half of your body weight in ounces! You also need to eliminate sugary drinks that give you no benefit. Some examples would be fruit juices and soda. These can dehydrate you and deplete your bodies water and can be full of empty calories.
  4. Change up your routine! – Your body is designed to recognize things you do consistently. So, if you are never changing up your routine your body will develop muscle memory and not gain anything from the workouts you are doing! The element of surprise is an excellent way to climb out of the plateau and keep pushing your body to be better every workout. It Is also a great way to challenge yourself!
  5. Don’t work out the same area on consecutive days – Make sure you are always switching up which area of the body you are working out each day. For example, if you do arms on Monday, don’t do arms on Tuesday! Again, the element of surprise is a great thing for your body! Make sure you are mixing up what you are working out.
  6. Make sure your spine and muscles are healthy – Getting your spine aligned allows the communication between the brain and muscles to be freely moving, so there is no interruption in muscle firing. Without proper alignment, your muscles do not know how to function correctly, which can lead to improper muscle firing. Getting adjusted also allows you to have more range of motion in your spine and extremities which makes for a much more rewarding work out.

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