Small Steps To Having A Better Run

Running is one of the most simple forms of exercise, and has tons of health benefits. With the warmer weather coming, we wanted to share 5 simple tips on how you can have a better run.

1. Stretch before and after your run. It’s important to keep muscles lengthened and stretched to reach maximum
benefit and avoid cramping during your run!

2. Cross train. Make sure you are not completely focusing on just running or just working on your legs. Your whole body is being used and operating while moving so it’s important to work on all areas of your body!

3. Invest into your feet! The right shoes are key to your run. Everybody has a very different stride and gait and no one person moves the same way so it is important to get your feet
measured and get the proper shoes for your body!

4. Understand your ankle biomechanics. Understanding your biomechanics and how your joints move is super important to how you run. If you have instabilities or lack different movements you may have to change how you run or on what surface you run. Learn how your ankle moves!

5. SEE A CHIROPRACTOR! Chiropractors can help increase motion in your spine and lower extremities to keep your joints mobile and have an easier, pain-free run. Getting your spine and extremities aligned will also increase the neural stimulation from your brain so your body can communicate with the brain better!

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