Essentials of Dynamic Stability Training and Chiropractic Care

The following is from Malik Slosberg DC, MS

Research has shown that chiropractic care is essential to the neuromotor control and dynamic stability of the body. Pain is only one small fraction of a multifaceted dysfunctional pattern seen in cases of somatic pain. When pain is experienced it causes a serious restructuring of the normal muscular activity and the neurological motor control. This will continue even after the subjective statement of pain status has been reported as recovered.

The muscular activation patterns seen in patients who report low back or neck pain are very different than the normal activity seen in patients who do not have reported discomfort. This caused the thoracic spine to respond to pressure on the facet and discs differently which can result in altered abnormal muscular contraction. This abnormal contraction will cause recruitment from other musculature, distorted kinematics, and strain on the ligamentous anatomy.

So what does all this mean exactly? The transformed motor and neurological control will lead to a decrease in your bodily stability and strength. This can affect your endurance and decrease your range of motion in the spine which can lead to more episodes of pain and dysfunction.

“Therefore, in current guidelines, there’s a focus on improving neuromotor control, coordination, and preserving stability under dynamic conditions in order to reduce the vulnerability and risk of reinjury and tissue damage”.

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