Beating the Seattle Gloom

The following is a post from Lifestyle patient Marni Entrop.

Intentions and resolutions are a common conversation as we enter each new year. The personal goals or gestures that often have a bigger punch than a follow through.

I recently heard on the radio that the trendy “resolution” often starts to fail by January 21st. Only 21 days after the first initial thought?

When I heard this I wondered what makes the momentum of these grand intentions fade? My personal reasoning is that living in Seattle is accompanied by lots of rain, gloom and dark days. We fall prey to those dark demons and reach for our comforts, habits, and addictions.

Often the external forces influence our inner force. Hence the high rates of caffeine, suicide, and depression in cities that average more rainfall and darkness compared to the more “sunny” cities.

My personal fight against the Seattle gloom is to enjoy the rain but in the colder form of SNOW! If you live near the Cascades you MUST retreat to the mountains. The wet days turn into a winter wonderland. The raindrops suddenly turn into dancing snowflakes. The white magic blankets the mountains and gives winter enthusiasts an energetic outlook to fight the gloomy blues.

I have spent a good portion of my life in the mountains. As a teenager, I attended Mt.Hood Academy for ski racers through high school. From my junior ski racing, I earned a first seed spot ski racing in college at Colorado Mountain College. I moved to Steamboat Springs and spent two seasons there training and competing for the college.

I helped the team win a National title before switching to snowboarding. I turned the snowboard into a career just as I turned twenty years old. I spent the next 14 years of my life calling snowboarding my profession.

Competing on the USA snowboarder cross team for 6 years, attending 8 Xgames, 3 World Championships, 1 National Title, and numerous World Cups later. It would be an understatement to say that winter sports are one of my favorite things.

When I retired from snowboarding professionally I knew that I would want to pass on the love to the next generation and my kids. In the past few years, I have put a TON of work getting my kids up to the hill with all the gear, bribing with chocolate, and keeping little bodies warm.

I have gone from the high-level fast speeds of competition to a glorified snowplow accompanied by a bunch of snot to get my two young kids to ski. This season they are officially skiers!  This accomplishment is at the same level as some of my competitive days. It is a total WIN.

My intentions for this year is to get outside and play with my family. Rain, sun, and snow! Whats your intention that you are planning on following through to this year?

Bring it!

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