Passionate Consumption

The following is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Caitlin Collignon.

I know that I am lucky. As I’m in my late twenties, I see it all around me; people not knowing what they want to do with their lives. I am lucky because, without any doubt, I know exactly what I want to do with my life. When I was 21 years old I decided that when I grew up I wanted to teach Eastern medicine and philosophy to a community of like-minded individuals. Since then, this passion has only been fueled into creating a life I typically love. Here is the thing though, passionate consumption has driven me into a state of adrenal fatigue and dysfunction. The classic Seattle weather, it doesn’t help.

Passion is beautiful. When I am on stage, or head in a book or lesson, all my worldly problems disappear. I am focused, my vision is clear, energy is high and smiles are abundant. Literally all negative thoughts, any lingering stress, even aches and pains, they all disappear. I feel beyond blessed that I get to help people, that I get to share my path and empower others to claim their health and happiness. My passion is to help others, but in doing so, when I’m “working” all of my energy is going to them, I see it being received and it is beautiful. But, there is an ugly truth that I have discovered.

When I let passion consume me, I lose connection to who I am. When its time to close the doors, put down the books and turn off the lights, I’m exhausted, disconnected and honestly, sad. Sure, I can tell myself that the rewards of empowering others are worth it, but it is not sustainable. My passion does not just transcend into my job, but my health and fitness too. I work hard from sun up, until sundown, every single day. Honestly, I do not know how to turn off, to shut down, to reboot.

This Winter I am experiencing the consequences of my actions. While I continue to tell myself that I am not tired, that I am not stressed and that there is no reason to slow down; my mind and body are telling me otherwise. While the stress is not the type I want to run from, being on 16 hours a day, 7 days a week really takes a toll on you.

This time it has taken my mind and body crashing to force me to slow down, I literally hit a wall where I couldn’t pull myself up. Okay, I’m listening. It’s time to help myself and hopefully by sharing this, help you too:

5 Signs You Need to Slow Down:

Nutrition: If you no longer have time to eat and cook the way that you know is best for your mind and body, you need to slow down.

Personal Time: If your schedule does not permit you the time or space to spend time with yourself, sit in reflection or meditation, you need to slow down.

Self Care: If you don’t have an additional 15 minutes once or twice a week to see your friends at Lifestyle Chiropractic for a much-needed adjustment, you need to slow down.

Family: If you don’t make time for yourself, then you will not be able to support those you love the most. If you do not have time to sit down for dinner with loved ones or pick up the phone to check it, you need to slow down.

Variety: If you do the same thing, see the same people and walk the same path every day, then you need to make time to step outside your box. If you don’t have time to add new aspects to your life, then you need to slow down.

It is easy to get into a rut, to fill every moment of every day, to check off your daily to do list… practice, gym, teach, study, write, eat, sleep… but there is more to life and we must slow down to be able to see it!

May we all find passion and balance in this one life we have to live.

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