Travel Pains

Travel Pains

This is a guest post by Lifestyle patient Eric Winebrinner.

Life can hand you unexpected changes and challenges. This last month, I made an unexpected trip home to where I grew up in Iowa. We decided to drive instead of flying because we could incorporate a mini-vacation into the drive. It is a 23-hour drive back to my hometown from Seattle, which we did in two long days.

On our return, we stopped at Mt Rushmore, Gascoyne ND, and Yellowstone. In all, we drove 3841 miles and 59 hours 38 minutes (my car tracked it) over 7 days. Unfortunately, we got the flu on the way home which added to the physical pain of the drive. We were sick, exhausted and in a lot of pain, but overall, it was a great trip.

Once home, rested and not contagious, I made an appointment to stop by my friends at Lifestyle Chiropractic. Seven days of sitting in a car can do a number on you. An adjustment and some physical therapy to get things stretched out finally made me feel good again.

I typically talk about physical activities and how Chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage can help lead a healthy lifestyle. But a few times a year, after flying for a day or driving for days, I realize how important & useful it is to have Lifestyle Chiropractic to heal the travel pains.

Travel tip: Drink lots of water. I know it is a pain to have to pee often when traveling, however, the pain is 10 fold the next day and week if you don’t drink water. Dehydration, illness, and body fatigue are all results of not drinking water so suck it up and pee it out!

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