Bo Altman

Bo Altman

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Joshua Altman.

Bo Altman.

He’s the only dog our family has ever had. He’s addicted to playing with balls and 95% of the time doesn’t need a leash because he is well behaved and always by our side. He will keep playing even when he is tired until we put his toys away. He will bark when the front door opens greeting everyone who comes in, and he’ll sprint away to find his closest toy so that he can show it to you.

This is not the most exciting post to write, but I find it to be necessary as my emotional state given the circumstances has affected my own personal health.

Bo has had a stint of bad luck with his health these past few months, and we don’t know what’s going to happen next. We’ve been given a timeline of 3 to 6 months, but that could be much sooner or much later. He’s only 7 years old and he has been a healthy and normal dog all this time up until now.

It sucks.

It’s not fair.

I’m both frustrated and sad.

When I found out the news I shut down emotionally. There was a period of two weeks that I didn’t eat much, didn’t go to yoga, didn’t take any crossfit classes, and didn’t go to Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness Center. I basically didn’t stick with any habits of my normal routine. I gained a few pounds and just felt lazy.

Just last week is when I began to accept it. I got back into my routine and we as a family decided to just continue to treat him like everything is normal.

The five of us as a family have done what we can and he’s still the same Bo we grew up knowing… so we’re just going to keep playing with toys and we’re going to continue going on long beautiful walks because that’s what makes him and us happy.

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