Holiday Traditions

The Triad

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Marni Entrop. 

Happy Holidays!

This Christmas in Seattle this year was truly a magical one. The snowflakes began to fall and blanket the concrete streets on Christmas Eve and the city woke up the next morning to a rare and beautiful “white Christmas. It’s moments like this when nature perfectly times her debut that you can’t help but feel the wonder and magic in her. When it snows in Seattle, you play outside! You build snowmen, go sledding and enjoy the snow while it lasts!

The holiday season also brings out family traditions. I do not follow a specific religion but I am a spiritual practitioner. I usually drag my husband and kids to Christmas Eve Mass each year. It is an hour long, candlelit service with opera singing and story. It has become a tradition in the past few years to sit in silence, reflect and pause before the madness of Santa.

As I sit in the darkness that evening, memories of the past year, outlooks on the future, and moments of just being present are all gifted to me. For a brief moment, I get out of myself and into the bigger picture of what the holiday season really means.

The church talks about the triad of father, son, Holy Spirit. In yoga, it is the beginning, sustainer, and destroyer. In Eastern traditions, the triad may look like past, present, and future. In my house this Christmas the triad was represented as a snowman this year. First the foundation. Strong and stable that holds all the rest. The past. Second the body. Our center.  The core. The present. The head. The future. The mind and intellect. The place we decorate and give an expression too. We need all three to form the triad of balance.

May your holiday season and New Year bring your own balance of health and happiness. May you be reminded of the magic and enjoy the traditions.

Thank you Lifestyle Chiropractic for all you do for the community!

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