Social Media

This is a guest post by Lifestyle patient Joshua Altman.

For someone who loves social media… it has been a little too much for me lately. Facebook and Instagram are just cluttered with so much stuff, but even still I’m choosing not to avoid them because I do enjoy them from time to time. They’ve provided me with opportunities I never could have imagined and I know they will continue to do so.

That being said, I’ve cleaned up my Instagram feed. I unfollowed around 60 people yesterday, and I’ll probably unfollow some more soon. A majority of these were people who I know in real life who I’ve also connected with on Facebook. I don’t need to see the same post on both sites…so I’m limiting things I follow on Instagram that will continue to motivate me in my physical endeavors and travel adventures.

For physical endeavors, I’m really only inspired by videos. If I can see movement…I can learn from it. Accounts like @lifestylechiroseattle, @pnwonderland, and @paditv are things that inspire me to move daily and just get outside more. While a picture of a yoga pose may look beautiful, it does nothing for me in helping me with my yoga practice.

I’ve figured out what works for me and decluttering my feed will help me not waste so much time on social media so I can “move” more. I know I have offended some people (by nature many of us want to be followed and liked), but I hope this makes sense in this ever growing technological world that will allow me to stay authentic to myself. I love Facebook, and that’s where I can connect with friends and family alike. And I do LOVE pretty yoga pictures…they’re just better seen on Facebook for me rather than Instagram.

Right now…I just need LESS social media.

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