This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Marni Entrop.

Every Thanksgiving my family has made it a ritual to go to Whistler and get our first ski turns in of the season. This year the forecast called for rain! With the car locked and loaded, kids fed, and gas tank full, we were ready. We trekked the 6-hour drive (lots of extra stops with the kids) up the Sea to Sky highway to the beautiful and booming village of Whistler.

The first few days were a complete downpour. Rain and fog. Not the most ideal conditions for the start of the season. In fact, it was so sloppy that even the hardcore skiers and snowboarders might think twice about heading outside. The cozy couch and fire was quite appealing as I watched the liquid sunshine shower down. A small gloom cloud lurched over my motivation and I found myself a little glum by Mother Nature’s wet blessings.

I had to remind myself of one word: GRATITUDE!

The magical vibration of this time of year. Instantly, I was reminded of how grateful I am to have the opportunity to ski, to be on a trip with my family, and that even rain, with the right shift of attitude, can turn to snow. I reminded myself that I prefer my glass half full instead of half empty.

There are so many research studies being conducted right now on the power of gratitude and the effects gratitude can have on the physical, mental, and emotional levels of the body. Are we able to see the appreciation and gratitude in all we have rather than complain of the things we see as less than ideal? Can we hold value to what we have in this current state instead of desiring something to be different?

It’s a daily act that I am currently practicing. Sometimes it is the subtle things I am thankful for. My espresso in the morning, my temperpedic mattress, cozy socks and tea by the fire. Sometimes its the people in my life. My family, my sangha (community), my peeps at Lifestyle Chiropractic that keep me maintaing health. Sometimes its the larger than “ME” things. Peace in my neighborhood, the freedom within the country I live in, the ability to have fresh water from my sink to drink.

Can we remember to sprinkle in the showers of Gratitude during this holiday season? We have so much to be thankful!

Let it rain, let it snow because I appreciate it all!

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