Staying in Shape is Exhausting, and Other Random Thoughts.

Random Thoughts

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Joshua Altman.

Excuse my random thoughts, but staying in shape is exhausting.

Get enough sleep. Eat good food. Exercise. Repeat. Don’t eat that cookie. Ok, have just one. Now workout more. Lift weight. Practice yoga. Ride your bike. Climb. Shower. Take a rest day. Tomorrow is Monday. Do I have time to go Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness Center tomorrow?  Watch TV. Eat junk food. My stomach hurts. Tomorrow I’ll do better. Bloated. Too tired to move. I don’t want vegetables, I want chocolate. Are my muscles bigger? Why can’t I do the splits today? Why doesn’t my stomach have a 6-pack? It’s cold outside. Lynsey, take a picture. I’m taking my shirt off. I want to see what I look like. I’ll use it as a progress picture. The lighting is bad. I don’t care. I’m hungry. Does my stomach look good? Can we go home and watch The Office?

These were my thoughts running through my head last Sunday evening while walking around Seattle with my girlfriend. Some of these thoughts I shared with her while the others came and went in my head.  Thoughts are a funny thing because they can help shape decisions and lifestyles. Sometimes I let the thoughts take over and I do what I hadn’t intended, such as eating junk food. I then tend to feel bad about myself for a few minutes… or even the rest of the day.  Other times, I overpower them and accomplish my tasks for the day such as a specific workout or meal prep.

As I get older I realize that these thoughts aren’t going anywhere and that moderation is key. As exhausting as it is the stay in shape, it’s ok to not be 100% driven all the time. This thought alone has helped me stay balanced on a daily basis!

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