Fall Is Here

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Marni Entrop.


It feels like a light switch and all of a sudden its FALL. The change of leaves and temperature is a reminder that Mother Nature has begun her grand shift of seasons.

Fall often reminds me of football, bringing back the fleece, pumpkin lattes and my love for running.

I am not a big fan of running in over 75-degree weather. I get overheated and tend to have a trucker’s mouth trying to convince myself that this is good for me.

However, as soon as the temperature drops and the leaves start to display their rainbow of colors, I run!

I always sign up for a half marathon in the fall to help boost my motivation to run. This year I signed up for the Bellingham Bay Half marathon with a girlfriend.

A week before the race her dad passed away and before I knew it I lost my running buddy in the race.  She had legitimate reasons for canceling the run, I did not.

The morning of the race my alarm went off at 5 am. Every excuse in the book went through my head to try to persuade my physical body to stay in bed and enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

NOPE! Just go!

Off I drove by myself to run the race that I was underprepared for and lacked enthusiasm for.

In my head, I always set a goal for what I would like to achieve time-wise in my races. My goal for this half marathon was under two hours. It’s a pace that runners often set for themselves in half marathons.

Previously I had been close a few years before but it has been two years since I had run this much continuous distance.

I plugged in my music and began to run.

I did not stop and my pace stayed really consistent. There were times were my mind drifted and I was over it and others where I just enjoyed the surroundings and slipped into the “runner’s high.”

There were two miles left in the race and I noticed a sign pass me.  It read 2.0 hours. It was one of the many pacesetters on the course.

I got an extra spring in my step and recognized that if I could keep up with the gal and the sign I could push ahead and get my goal time.

I pushed through the pain and found myself merging the mind over matter concept.

As the finish line grew closer I knew I would be able to make it to my goal.  Since I don’t run with a watch I had no idea whether I was on the mark of timing. I was just running.

It was such a pleasant surprise at the end of the day knowing I accomplish my goal time.

I was able to enjoy the rest of the relaxing Sunday but knowing I earned my couch time.

And to think I could have just slept the morning away!

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