1,2,3, GO!

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Marni Entrop.

Swim, Bike, Run. 1,2,3, GO!

The is a familiar pattern for a lot of people during the summer months. The famous trio of activities that can range anywhere from a sprint distance to the famous and slightly crazy Ironman.

Every summer I try to fit in a few triathlons in the schedule. Depending on how much time I have had to dedicate to train to each or one of the disciplines usually shows up in the race. I love the transitions between the sports and have always loved the individual capacity in which you can push yourself.

My weak part of the trio is usually the biking. I just don’t get the push of the pedal like I would like to.

This year my husband and I competed in the Seafair Tri in Seward park. This is the 5th time I have done this one and think it is such a great local event. The route for the bike and swims are along the beautiful Lake Washington and the event is always run so smoothly.

Before you begin a triathlon, they mark your legs and arms with a sharpie black pen for everyone’s viewing, Your number, your distance and YOUR AGE! I find it quite interesting to notice the racers that pass me by as I am huffing and puffing through the race.

I find it quite interesting to notice the racers that pass me by as I am huffing and puffing through the race. I can’t help but look down at their calf and question… Are they older or younger than I am?

If the answer is older, my competitive side immediately starts to push a little faster. If they are younger, I wonder why am I not able to keep up?

This is such a funny paradox in the midst of a race where there are so many factors on people ability, training, schedules, and natural ability to do these specific athletic disciplines.

Why do I need to compare myself to people based on age?

The famous saying these days are 30 is the new 40. 40 is the new 50. 50 is the new…. and so on.  Can we have more access to our younger days through diet, lifestyle, and self-care? Absolutely. Will it change the fact that my number is still increasing on my driver’s license and my gray hairs are starting to make an appearance? NO (my hair dresser calls them God’s highlights. Cute)

The more we surround our selves with healthy living, the more we can revert to a more youthful appearance inside and out.

It is not about the age of our birth year but how we keep showing up in life, pushing ourselves to continue to transform.

1,2,3 GO!

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