Life Is By Choice

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Eric Winebrinner.

I have said before, “life is by choice, we choose the life we live.” It is true. We have the choice how to react to the bad things in life…. and the good things, too. Set goals and go make them happen. I have chosen to live a life by design. When good things happen life is wonderful. When not so great things happen I try to cope with the situation and work on a better result. That is choice! I have set goals and worked hard to accomplish them. Health is a huge part of accomplishing my goals. Regular visits for chiropractic, massage, and personal training keeps me healthy.

The last few weeks have been filled with activity big climb up Mt Stuart, a triathlon, and climbing Mt Rainier. In one month I have my first Ironman. I have been seeing Dr. Dillan, training, stretching, going to yoga, and eating healthy to keep me on track to accomplish my goals. I have been Lifestyletle every week to get the work I need.  I had a sore spot in my back and Dr. Dillian fixed the problem and kept me going. I have been setting goals and working hard. I encourage you to do the same. Choose your goal, choose to go accomplish.

Hiking tip: Eat! Food is just as important as drinking water. Dehydration and lack of food intake are common among hikers. Put snacks/bars in you hip belt or chest strap on your backpack.

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