The Power of Taking a Vacation

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Joshua Altman.

I’ve been on a road trip the past 8 days with two friends and it has definitely been the getaway I needed. We’ve been to several National Parks so far including Death Valley National Park, Zion National Park, Capital Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Arches National Park. On top of that, we still have 6 days left! There have been several things I’ve learned about traveling during this summer trip:

  • Keeping hydrated is sometimes a challenge in itself with limited access to water in some places.
  • Camping or staying at hostels is inexpensive and efficient.
  • You can never predict the weather and must always prepare for the worst. (Lightning and thunder while camping).
  • At one point you’ll get frustrated with the people you travel with (builds stronger friendships).
  • You get to see places and experience them in a way that creates your own story.
  • You use more sunscreen than you think and need to layer up several times a day.
  • You miss some things about home and some things you don’t.
  • You gain a new perspective on your life and how you want to live it.

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