Taking The Leap

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Marni Yamada.

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle. Schools are out, tank tops are on, and everyone’s BBQ’s have been dusted off. Summertime often brings about different playful activities each weekend. Early dawns and late sunsets makes it a perfect time of the year to explore one’s energy levels. It really is a fabulous time of the year for Seattle folk.

I recently ran the Hood To Coast WA Relay with a group of five other women. The relay would take us 12 hours and cover 77 miles from Shelton to Seabrook. There were 12 legs and each runner was to tackle two legs of different mileage and scenery. I was asked to join this team because of a runner who canceled a week before the relay. Two days before the relay I accepted the challenge to run on the “rain warrior” team. I had never met the women on the team, who were all seasoned runners (Meaning one just finished the Boston marathon a few weeks before and another had just recently completed her 53rd marathon.) I run Green Lake. Needless to say, I was a little hesitant on the challenge.

I decided to give it a go, seeing how it was a great opportunity and why not??? They neglected to inform me that I would have one of the hardest legs and they all had been training and planning this for 6 months. Never the less, I believe that when given a challenge the mind must rise first and then the body can follow. If we set our minds with intentions, goals, or a specific direction then the physical body can follow. My mind was in – I just had to convince my legs.

We woke up at 2:45am to start our relay at 5:00am. We were clockwork on our transitions and cheered each runner on multiple times. We gave honks of the car, water stations, and lots of claps and words of encouragement to help each runner along. I felt the “runner high” that I love so much and it helped me propel through both of my running legs. We finished above our estimated time and ran through the finish line all together as a team. It was a fabulous experience and if I hadn’t been open to the idea, the opportunity would have pasted me by. The run was an amazing success and at the end of the day I was so glad I accepted the challenge.

Sometimes it’s worth asking yourself…why not take the leap when asked?

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