The Value of Rest

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Eric Winebrinner.

I have been known to book every weekend with an activity/event. BoBody fatigue is a serious health concern for competitive athletes. It is also a serious concern for the average Joe and weekend warrior. We need rest days and rest weeks. I have on a number of occasions literally run my body to the ground. I have booked hiking weekends, hiking treks and races too close together and have fatigued my body to the point of exhaustion. This brings up rest days/weeks. What are they and why do we need them?

Rest days/weeks are just as they appear, rest days. Days that I do nothing but eat, stretch and rest. It is a simple concept, yet hard to do with our busy lives. If you are working out 5+ days a week consider taking a week off. Note the changes and difference when you start working out again. If significant, consider taking time off every 6-8 weeks. Taking time off truly does cool stuff (the internet is a great place to learn what it does for your body… this is way above my knowledge and beyond the length of a blog). After a big 8-10 day hiking trek, I will take an additional 3 days off to recover. I call it vacation from my vacation.

From my last post: Mt Baker was a mixed result. We practiced crevasse rescue for a day and attempted the summit the next day with a better weather window. The weather was not in our favor. We got up at 1am and hike for an hour and a half. We gave up when the winds topped 30mph with rain. I have another attempt for Baker in August. This weekend is Mt Stuart, triathlon in 3 weeks and Mt Rainier in 4 weeks. Note the need for days off 🙂

Hiking tip: Shoes are the most important equipment you have. Find the correct shoe and you’ll be happy. The wrong shoes create unnecessary suffering. Pay the extra few buck and buy shoes at places like REI and return the shoes when you get blisters/sore feet until you find the perfect pair for each season.

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