How To Resist Those Unhealthy Summer Habits

This is a guest post from Lifestyle patient Joshua Altman.

Summer is officially here, and so is the laziness! I can’t describe what it is, but this heat makes it very difficult to to maintain working out and eating right on a consistent basis. Everywhere I go I see people doing relaxing things outside and eating foods that aren’t always the best, and when I do the same I feel my body and metal health affected the most.

How am I fighting this temptation? Friends! Friends are what is motivating me to keep my active lifestyle during the work week. Here’s why:

They are holding me accountable! As soon as I’m tired in a workout all I need to do is look at them to finish strong because they are suffering just as I am.

I have lots of them! Every one has a different active hobby which allows me to mix up my workouts and see different friends throughout the week.

They force me to commit. When I say I’ll meet my friend somewhere for yoga or some indoor climbing I have set that expectation which makes it easier for me to follow thru with.

This being said…get together with your friends and make your workouts happen. That’s a good enough reason to relax and enjoy the sun after!

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