How To Keep Your Mind and Body Ready For On The Fly Opportunities

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Marni Yamada.

May is the month of anticipation right before we launch into the summer months. We get teased with a little rain and then gorgeous days of dusting off the BBQ’s and wearing tank tops. The days are longer and I find myself outside gardening at 8pm when in the depths of December I would be inside in my fleece pajamas drinking tea. The longer days also means more energy extended from dawn up to dawn down. The early chirp of the birds to the long sunny nights is a reminder of continuing to nourish the body so the energy can be sustainable for the busy season.

Today I just got a message from another mama from my daughter’s preschool. She knew I liked to run and asked if I wanted to do the Hood to Coast relay race. Leaving in four days. One of their team members dropped out and the were on a scramble to find someone who would be willing to join the 77 mile relay in short notice. The six person team consists of two legs per person averaging 13-18 miles of running. She also mentioned with a #sorry, “you also have the toughest leg too.” I believe its starts at 3am. I will be leaving in a few days to participate and will update next month on how it goes. I am pretty sure this will test my current level of stamina in both body and mind. I am eager and up for the challenge but also relying on my baseline level of activity since I am going into this no training cold turkey.

How can your body and mind be prepared for life’s on the fly opportunities? Here’s a few things that I am working with during this month and are hoping will pay off during the upcoming relay race.

1. I have been consistent and pretty disciplined with my workout program. I have been playing with amping up the weights, intensity and found variety in different activities.

2. I have added in protein powder in the past 6 weeks to address more of my Macro nutrition needs. This is the first time I have ever done this and I notice a difference. I was recommended a gram of protein ratio to each pound of body weight for active folks (sometimes more).

3. As a vegetarian I was cutting myself way short of protein and not utilizing my Macro nutrients to actually build muscle. I consider this health thing a content learning process of trial and find tuning to each individual’s needs.

4. I have also found two secret green powders that I also notice has added my energy. Moringa and Green Vibrance. Both have been super awesome in adding to my clean energy but have quite the earthy taste.

5. Sleep. Even though it is light out later I have been reminding myself to maintain the same sleep time frames. My eye pillow has become necessary for bedtimes. I call her my “beloved.” (my husband hates that I have a pet name for my eye pillow) The eye pillow is fabulous.

Getting outside more! Enough said. Let the hikes begin! Let the sunshine fun continue Seattle!

Important: Please consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise program.

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