Taking on a New Challenge

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Eric Winebrinner.

I am a member of a mountaineering club and I signed up for a glacier course they were offering. I love hiking, camping, and mountaineering. This course will provide a new challenge…glaciers! I have hiked on glaciers before and understand the basics. However, this course teaches the advanced technical skills for crevasse rescue, large rope teams and multi-day camping on the glacier. The course is over two months and they teach the skills/knowledge for roped glacier travel. I have enjoyed the class thus far. Next week we will attempt a summit of Mt Baker.

I have been running a lot to condition for the high elevations. With the additional mileage, I am experiencing additional aches and pains. My calves have started to get tight. So in addition to my regular ‘maintenance’ adjustments at Lifestyle Chiropractic, I have added an sports rehab / athletic training session every other week. Hopefully, this will help my calf situation and prevent the problem from moving to a new spot in my legs. In my last post I said life is full of choices, I choose awesome and part of awesome for me is healthy.

Hiking tip 1: Carry a map and compass. Our fancy GPS gadgets do fail, break or batteries die time to time so it’s a great idea to carry a map and compass as a backup. I prefer looking at a map because I can ‘see’ my surroundings a little better.

Hiking tip 2: Spring and early summer are the best time to see waterfalls. By mid summer many waterfalls in the PNW have dried up.

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