Trekking in Nepal

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Eric Winebrinner.

It has been eight months since I was injured and first met Dr. Dillan at Lifestyle Chiropractic. It has also been eight months since my last international trek. I just arrived home after completing the Manaslu Circuit in Nepal. The trek was long and difficult, but overall amazing. Our journey started in the jungle proceeded up the mountain valleys, across the high tundra, into the thin air above 15,000 feet and descending back into the jungle. We crossed 4 cultural boundaries and experienced a way of life that has not changed for a thousand years. My soul is filled with the richness of culture, nature’s beauty and the appreciation for mankind.

We traveled 156 miles climbing over 32,000 total feet up to a high peak at 16,980 feet. We had 5 days above 10,000 feet which is higher than Camp Muir on Mt Rainier. With that said, the trek was difficult and I have trained for the last 6 months. I have made numerous overnights, day hikes and training runs to be physically fit for the trek. A big part of my physical conditioning is chiropractic and massage. I spoke with Dr. Dillan at Lifestyle Chiropractic about my goals. We made a plan in addition to my regular visits the month before the trek I would get adjustments every week. This is because my body and spine takes a beating on that long of a trek caring a 30 pound pack. I am pleased to say I feel the investment paid off. I only had a small pinch in my knee on days 3-5. On long treks it is not uncommon to have multiple issues and suffer to the end. I am pleased with the results. One thing that is just as important to me as the pre-trek conditioning is the post trek care. I have been into Dr Dillan a few times now getting adjustments to get my body healthy after all the abuse I gave it. Everyday I can feel my body relaxing and recovering. I have my dream book open looking for the next adventure…. Patagonia, France GR20, PCT?

Hiking tip: Set goals, train for them and go accomplish them. If you don’t succeed, you still have the goal. So go try it again. I have been turned back on many trips due to weather, injury, something bizarre happening. I go back and try again.

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