This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Joshua Altman.

Visiting my grandparents is a little difficult. They aren’t as healthy and agile as they use to be, and it’s hard for me to maintain my active lifestyle when I’m there. Sometimes, a handstand is my exercise for the day, even if my body is itching for more. Regarding my handstands, it’s still a surprise to me how easy it is for me to pop up on two hands. Regardless of the ledge, the weather, the people watching (or criticizing me). It’s also a surprise of how one simple handstand can “keep” me grounded. Being away from home isn’t always a vacation. It’s a thing I’ve learned to accept as family gets older. But I’m here with them And I’m realizing more and more what it is that’s important. I can always do my fun “activities” later. Right now fun is being with my family, regardless of what we do.

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