April Showers

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Marni Yamada.

As Seattle rounded its record over 123 days of rain (and still counting),I am eagerly awaiting sunny days like everyone else. The sunshine brings an automatic skip in our step, smiles on people’s faces and increased motivation to get outside and move. Anything from gardening and planting the veggies to prepping for those summer races. Natural vitamin D is essential for optimal health.

This month is often a grand shift in my families lifestyle. Often with the change of weather comes the change in our activities. We wax and hang up the skis and trade them in for bike pumps and sunglasses. There is also a change in our diets from root veggies to the soon to be farmers markets. Even the change in the people we hang out with who attract different sides of ourselves during different seasonal activities. When I used to live in Steamboat, Colorado we would often call this season “mud season.” Snow would melt and folks would pack up for the months of April and May in seek of warm weather and change in lifestyle. The snow would melt and create a muddy town. I remember being sad that ski season was over but also filled with anticipation that biking, hiking and summer fun was right around the corner.

I am excited about the prospect of exiting out of our our winter rain clouds and welcoming the sun as it reappears in our lives again. Charging into the lightness of Spring. We made it through another winter!

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