Getting hurt sucks. Here’s how to avoid it.

Nobody likes getting hurt. Twisting your ankle on a run. Throwing out your back moving furniture. Spraining your wrist on the ski hill. No matter how it happens getting hurt sucks and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times (like right before a big vacation) making it that much harder to rest and recover. Fortunately there’s an easy way to avoid annoying injuries like these and continue living a healthy active lifestyle doing the things you love for many years to come.

It all comes down to one word – Symmetry.

The human body is meant to be symmetrical. When you stand (or sit) on a level surface your head, shoulders, and hips should all be level. Your head should be in the middle of your body. You should be able to tilt head your head or look over your shoulders the same amount in both directions. You should be able to lift both arms to the same height.

The further you deviate away from symmetrical posture and range of motion the more stress you are putting on your body. As that stress builds up over time it can cause those annoying injuries that seem to pop up out of nowhere. At Lifestyle Chiropractic we work with our patients to improve range of motion and activate muscles so their bodies are working as efficiently as possible, ultimately reducing stress and the likelihood of injury.

Curious about your body’s symmetry? Book an initial evaluation with our team today to find out if your body is operating symmetrically. You’ll get a complete spinal analysis, orthopedic examination, range of motion assessment, weight balance analysis, and functional movement screening as well as a full report of  the findings and a personalized treatment plan to address any issues that are preventing you from living your lifestyle to the fullest.

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