March Madness

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Patient Marni Yamada.

March is the month that my ski bags are constantly packed. I unload the dirty, wash, reload and then repeat. I have spent every weekend this month trekking to Stevens Pass to get the weekend warrior stash and then back to the city for the work week.

This month I plugged two local contests in the mix. The first was Flannel Cup at Stevens Pass. This is a slope style that consists of a big jump and a rail feature. The intent is to do some form of a trick on both features and LAND on your feet (this is key for judging). When I signed up for this contest there is a space where you fill in your age. I simply put a slash through that question because I knew I was going up against gals half my age with knees made of rubber. The format was best of three runs, best score wins the paycheck. I stomped all three runs and came out with first place over gals that I technically could be their mother. Wisdom and expertise dominated over young aggression. I will take it!

The second contest was a benefit for Fred Hutch and cancer research. The contest was called the Slayride banked slalom at Stevens Pass. This was a two run combined time event down a banked slalom course. These races are my favorite. It is similar to my boarder cross racing days minus all the other people on the course and carnage that comes with having 5 people ride the course at the same time. It is just YOU and the stopwatch. I finished both runs pretty clean and fast. I placed first in the women’s pro/open class (the second place gal was 17 seconds behind). Once again, I could be most of those gals mothers but I am guessing they don’t eat Kale for breakfast.

These races are reminders for me that it is so important to take care of yourself. It honestly is the best recipe for longevity in body, mind and in doing what you love. My personal guidelines of longevity that I try to live by are:Eat organic, clean food, do yoga and work out multiple times a week, sleep consistently, take your vitamins and supplements, bath your body in oil daily and do what you love and makes you happy ALOT.

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