Work Hard Play Harder

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Eric Winebrinner.

One of my mottos: Work hard, play harder….. well, playing harder comes with consequences especially the older I get. I have broken my legs three times, tore three ligaments in my ankle, broke my wrist, dislocated my elbow and shoulder, plus 50 other injuries. When I play hard I need pre and post care to stay healthy.

This month I was snowboarding took a tumble and slightly tweaked my back. I went to see Dr. Dillan at Lifestyle Chiropractic two days later. With an adjustment, I was feeling 100 percent the next day. The next week I was hiking / trail running and my ankle started to get really tight afterward. I tried to ignore it for a few days, but it wouldn’t stop hurting. Dr. Southwell at Lifestyle Chiropractic adjusted my ankle and used the hammer thingy on my ankle. The next day it was much better and three days later it’s back to normal. This month I was hard on my body. I got a massage to release the muscle tension and worked with Sean, the athletic trainer at Lifestyle Chiropractic, on new PT exercises. This regiment has greatly improved my quality of life.

Hiking tip: Invest in your backpack. You can get by with a cheap knife, stove, even raincoat, but you will suffer the most if your backpack is bad. REI offers returns. So go find the right backpack.

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