The Mid Winter Whirlwind

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Chiropractic patient Marni Yamada.

This month is probably one of the busiest yet most exciting months of the year for me. I started this month leading my first yoga retreat with 8limbs yoga to Haramara resort in Mexico. It is a beautiful eco resort right outside of Sayulita. I had the privledge of leading 19 gracious souls down to Mexico to indulge in a week of yoga, surfing and meditation. The step out of the routine of life and into self inquiry was a perfect mid winter break. However, It was a lot of energy that I did not expect to hold the space for those participants to have their experience while I attempted to manage the logistics.

Three days after I got back I took my took my two kids up to Whistler for mid winter break. It gave them a chance to haul down the ski hills and indulge in their own retreat of snowmen and hot chocolate. Single parenting for a week with a lot of ski gear, 11 hours in the car, and a few meltdowns. Was a lot of energy on mama’s part but worthy in the eyes of my kids. A few days later I took my own personal retreat to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not toting kids, family or 19 other people. Just me, myself and I. Plus my five checked bags of ski and snowboard gear.

I booked this trip to Jackson to compete in the Dick’s Ditch. It is a banked slalom that I have always wanted to go to. It consists of 2 minute course down their famous “Dick’s Ditch” at 9,000 feet elevation. Not a big deal unless you are coming from sea level. It is a steep ravine of banked turns and a few man made jumps that allows you to push your speed and tests your endurance levels. This event includes both skiers and snowboarders. I figured I would do both if I was making the trip down. The first day on the hill I was instantly reminded of what elevation does to a person’s system coming from sea level. Low energy and headaches made it a challenging and less than ideal training day. Day two – Lots of hydration, no alcohol and some good sleep. I qualified first for snowboarding and 4th for skiing. Day three – Race day. No matter what the level of competition is, I always get the waves of nerves. The nerves are a blend of anxiety and excitement. I have learned to distinguish that those nervous sensations are NOT fear. There is no window of performance if you are in a state of fear. You must allude a state of confidence that overrides any doubt that might creep in. It is something that I have been practicing over the past few years of competition.

At the end of the day… I won Pro snowboard women’s and the coveted belt buckle. I took fourth in the skiing missing the podium by .4. I write this as I head home and wrap up the month of February. I call it the whirlwind of winter because that is often how life’s goes. Sometimes you are in the moments of calm and routine and others we are moving from one experience to the next. There are moments when you must fully give to strangers and our fellow neighbors. Other times were we need to focus in on our family and people that are closest to us. And at the end, we must give time to ourselves. Challenge ourselves, overcome fear and seize the moment.

Carpe Diem.

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