Coming In From the Cold! — Marni Yamada

January has been an unusual month in Seattle.  Extremely cold, dry in the city and hammering snow in the mountains.  The single digit temperature makes hand warmers and hot chocolate an essential part of the skiing experience. It was so cold that my plastic snowboard binding part simply snapped in half from the state of frigidity.  There is a moment when you come in from the cold that a warming up process begins. At first it is a little tingling then slowly the cold melts away and warmth begins.  There is an expansion that happens when you begin to de-thaw.  This is such the metaphor for how we can be in life.  Frozen or stuck in our ideals, attachments, opinions and relationships.  As soon as we start to melt away some of those areas that are “frozen” we can expand to something bigger.  We grow out of our contracted state.  I saw this this past weekend with the Women’s march. The support and rise of energy in our country and internationally blew my mind.Instead of freezing in the constricted state of fear and oppression, millions of people expanded to something so powerful and profound. Amazing!

The photo I chose to post this month is one that I took at the base camp of Everest. I had the fortune of visiting this grand mountain from Tibet a few years ago.   It is the the symbol of cold and solid yet a powerful expansion of energy.


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