Why Lifestyle Chiropractic Works For Me — Eric Winebrinner

Why Dr. Dillan and why Lifestyle Chiropractic?  For me it is personalities and cooperative care they offer. I find them to be a good fit for me, my way of thinking, and fulfilling my care requirements. I haven’t found many places that fire on all cylinders  at Lifestyle Chiropractic in Seattle.

I was recently in for a massage with Joey on of Lifestyle Chiropractic’c in house massage therapists. During our ‘before massage briefing’ I pointed out my hip flexor and IT band were sore and acting up. During the massage Joey discovered the root and cause of my discomfort. At the end of my appointment we discussed what was the cause of my discomfort and pain. It was all ‘science’ stuff that I still don’t remember. Joey said ‘I will let Sean, the physical therapist, know whats going on so he can put it in his notes. Next time you meet with him he will know what to work on. I’ll let Dr. Dillan know too.’ Now, that is service. I don’t know all the scientific names of whats wrong with me and I would forget before I go see Sean.  Joey truly cares about the well being on his clients. I went and saw Sean the next week. He said, ‘I talked to Joey about your…. science name.’ I laughed, “Yes, the thingy in my leg.”  We laughed. I had the same experience with Dr. Dillan. Each field of practice shares with the others so you get the best treatment and the most time in your session.

The communication, care and connections behind the scenes has really impressed me. I don’t feel like a number. I feel that I am important to each part of the team. That the team is unified in supporting me in my health and happiness. It works for me and I have to give them props for getting it right. They care about their patients as a team.

Hiking tip: Stretch…. duh! When hiking uphill for long periods when you stop to rest, rest/strecth with your feet pointed downhill. Try walking downhill for 20-50 steps. Let your muscles rest and work the opposing muscles. Do the same thing going downhill, i.e.rest with feet pointed uphill. 

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