How Diet Affects My Lifestyle — Josh Altman


This holiday season is here and it feels like everything is happening so quickly.  In the midst of balancing work, teaching yoga, and friends my diet has been less “strict.” I have been leaning towards more comfort foods and foods that are ready to go when in the grocery store. Even though my fitness routine has not changed the difference in my diet is slowing me down. I have less energy to take care of myself in the way I normally do with working out, massages and chiropractic care at Lifestyle Chiropractic, teaching yoga, visiting friends, and even doing simple chores.  This “holiday season” has definitely thrown me off of my routine. Well, I’ve acknowledged this change in my diet these past few weeks and the first step I will take to find my groove back will start with the food I cook. I make time to workout and exercise, so now I’m going to commit to making time to cook and prepare better food.

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