How To Stay Active When It Gets Cold Outside

This is a guest post from Lifestyle Patient Joshua Altman.

Lifestyle Chiropractic Seattle Stay Active Cold Weather

It’s finally starting to get cold outside! I love the winter weather and all of the outside adventures it brings. This change in weather has an impact on my body and requires even more care for me to stay just as active and mobile like in the summer months. My body isn’t use to hiking through waist deep frigid water or the constant fluctuations of temperature on a hike. I’ve noticed that in order to keep myself active and moving that I need to eat a more diverse group of nutritional foods.

In addition to this, I’m practicing heated yoga more than usual in addition to bumping up the massages I receive from 1 to 2 times a month. I’ve noticed that this combination of specific nutritional food, hot yoga, and consistent massages have been the key for me to stay just as active and mobile in these colder months.

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