Lifestyle Patient Post: Joshua Altman


The colder the water I dive…the more gear and weight I’ve been needing to carry! A drysuit has changed my scuba diving experience, allowing me to enjoy and explore the frigid Washington waters year round! Carrying all this gear on my back while walking to and from shore is exhausting, but well worth what I get to see underwater.  I’ve learned that keeping my body healthy and limber will allow adventures to continue in the future.

I experienced a first these past few weeks. I was able to touch my toes to my yoga wheel while in a hollowback forearm stand. This was the deepest I’ve ever been in this backbend.  I was able to get here with my consistent yoga practice and weekly chiropractic adjustments. Props have been very helpful in furthering my yoga practice by allowing me to push my boundaries in a controlled way while chiropractic adjustments have allowed me to keep my spine in tip top shape while performing these movements.  It’s astonishing to me how my practice has exponentially increased with this routine of caring for my body.  Preventative care is making my 30 year old body feel 20 again!

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