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In my last post I made two large statements: I wasn’t a fan of chiropractors and I questioned the usefulness of a chiropractor. Most of my friends and people I know have a similar opinion in respect to chiropractors – If you go once you’ll be stuck going to them for life. I will share my story and my experience as an open, unbiased testimonial. 

I survived my trek through Switzerland and visited Dr Dillan the following week. “How did it go?”, asked Dr Dillan. “I survived. The key word is survived. ” I replied. “The muscular pain from my injury subsided, however the pinching pain remained. The culture, trail and mountains numbed the pain enough to enjoy the hike.”   “How do you feel now?”  I grimaced and responded, “Like ‘expletive'” while bending and turning showing my pain. 

Dr. Dillan discussed the x-rays and computer analysis he took before the trek. Findings: I have one leg slightly longer, I carry more weight on one leg and the injury. He discussed different treatment plans and the pros and cons of each. My two considerations on choosing treatment were price and health benefit. Being a skeptic I chose a high frequency and high involvement. Odd, huh? I was hoping to be aggressive with lots of adjustments, physical therapy and massage for 6 weeks then scale back to same money. Results: you get what you put in. There is no ‘magic’ pill to fix things. Adjustments and massage are pretty straight forward. The physical therapy has daily assignments/activities critical to the success of the program and your healing. 

What do I think about chiropractors now and am I healed? The jury is out. I will say, after a few weeks my pain has been reduced, flexibility increased, positive attitude due to reduced pain/discomfort, and a sense of hope Dr. Dillan can help in the healing process. On a positive note: I can put the hiking shoes on and pick up the backpack without gritting my teeth 🙂

Hiking tip: Drink 1 liter of water before you start hiking. Start off hydrated instead of hydrating after your thirsty…. it’s usually to late and you’re playing catch up all day.

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