The Return of Fall by Lifestyle Patient Marni Yamada


The return of the fall…

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The turning of the crisp air, colorful leaves and pumpkin spice lattes.
It is my favorite season to run in. It’s not too hot or cold in temperature. I also love the sound of the crunch of the leaves as my feet moves over them. Every year I sign up for a half marathon in Leavenworth the first weekend of October. This gives me a reason to run a little farther than normal in the fall. I think having events to train for gives you a little extra juice of motivation.

I am also reminded at this time of the year of the drying nature of the windy season. Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga states that this is the season governed by AIR and SPACE/EITHER elements. It has a drying effect on our skin, joints and can be enhance the scattered feeling in the mind. The drying nature effect on the joints and running are two things that DO NOT compliment each other.

I am reminded at this time of year to make an extra effort to hold my self accountable for self maintenance. This includes daily massage of oil, regular adjustments to keep myself lined up from miles of running, warm tea, more quiet reflective time during the seasonal transition. Ayurveda calls daily massage with oil-abhyanga. The theory is to lubricate and keep the skin tissue and organ well nourished from the inside out and outside in. A good recipe for joint care.

Other benefits include:
-Increased circulation
-Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
-calming for the nerves
-improved elimination of impurities of the body
-increased stamina through the day and better deeper sleep at night

I usually do this practice at night before bed with organic coconut or sesame oil. When we keep our bodies in a state of harmony we line ourselves up in a good direction of health. (Hopefully dodging the cold and flu season too.) Here’s to the beautiful nature of FALL! Enjoy the transition with grace.

About Marni Yamada

Marni is a retired professional snowboarder who spent 6 years on the US boarder cross Team. Marni attended eight Xgames, four World Championships, and a few National titles, and has been a Seattle based yoga teacher for the past 12 years and a Ayurvedic Wellness counselor.

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