Soft Tissue Damage and Repair


When we as mammals have an injury such as a cut, sprain, strain, bruise, to our muscles, ligaments, blood vessels or skin the reaction to this is the same.  Essentially the only difference when it comes to injury is severity, location and repetition.  The body responds the same physiologically to these soft tissue injuries.

First is inflammation.  When the body initially gets injured the blood vessels will tighten in order to restrict blood loss.  This will pass within a few hours and then the blood vessels will expand (called vasodilation) in order bring white blood cells to the damaged tissues and begin the removal of dead cells.

Second is the proliferative phase of treatment.  This essentially means that this is the stage where there are the most abundant amount of tissue healing cells present at the site of injury.  This is also is the beginning stage of scar tissue build-up.

Third is the final stage which is the Remodeling phase.  This is a months-long process which essentially is the build-up of the collagen tissues (scar tissue) to reinforce the tensile strength of the collagen, however the integrity of this tissue will never reach that of normal tissue.

The fact that our bodies’ natural capability to heal and normalize its tissues on its own has limits reinforces the benefit of treatment.  With proper tissue mobilization through chiropractic care, exercise therapy and massage therapy we have the capability of increasing the elasticity and tensile strength of our bodies scar tissues.

So do you have old injuries that are still flaring up on a regular basis and don’t seem to be healing completely?  It may be that the amount of scar tissue formation and the way it formed during the three stages of healing listed above is contributing to your discomfort and physical limitations. Come find out at Lifestyle Chiropractic in Seattle.

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