Lifestyle Patient Profile: Joshua Altman

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I checked out Lifestyle Chiropractic in Seattle for the first time after a sudden pain in my low back. The pain lasted for a few days in a row without getting better. Once I had my first adjustment, I immediately felt like I could move part of my lower back again. Within a week, I was back to normal. Ever since this incident, I’ve been going to my chiropractor at Lifestyle Chiropractic in Seattle to get adjusted 1-2 times a week. Chiropractic care has allowed me to progress even deeper in my physical yoga practice. Together I’ve noticed they both allow me to create space in my body while helping me stay aligned. Chiropractic care has allowed me to continue to live the adventurous lifestyle I choose because it  makes my body feel at its best, even as I age!

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About Joshua: Joshua Altman would classify himself as an adventure yogi. He’s addicted to being outside as much as he loves to be upside down. His daily yoga practice allows him to constantly challenge his mind and body by allowing him to move in a variety of ways to find balance, build strength, and maintain control. Yoga has allowed him to keep his life active and fun by providing several different methods to take care of his body and mind. This results in many benefits on and off the mat when he isn’t practicing or teaching yoga to others.

Movement is very important to Joshua as his hobbies include yoga, hiking, climbing, scuba diving, snowboarding, skydiving, and cycling. As Joshua continues to practice he discovers more about himself physically and mentally. He believes that the best part of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, whether that be on top of a mountain or underneath the sea.

Follow Josh’s adventures on Instagram @the_altman

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