Lifestyle Patient Profile: Marni Yamada

My name is Marni Yamada.

Lifestyle Chiropractic Marni Yamada
I am an active gal who seeks health and wholeness on a daily basis. I am a retired professional snowboarder who spent 6 years on the US boarder cross Team. I attended eight Xgames, four World Championships, and a few National titles. I am a Seattle based yoga teacher for the past 12 years and a Ayurvedic Wellness counselor. I am a mother of two young kids. A five year old and 2.5year old who keep me constantly moving and on the go. I am a doula who supports laboring mama’s through the experience of childbirth with support and education. I am an avid cross fit athlete, health foodie, triathlete, wanna be golfer, surfer when I can get to the waves and an life enthusiasts.

Lifestyle Chiropractic Marni

I came to Lifestyle Chiropractic in Seattle after years of chronic pain from overuse and abuse through my sports. They welcomed me with open arms and tons of information to get on the road of feeling physically balanced in my body. Boardercross is a snow sport that consists of four athletes on a course of bumps, jumps, gaps and turns. It is similar to motocross but only on a snowboard. This unpredictable sport gave me a fair amount of injuries over the years. These include a fractured T-12 that almost left me paralyzed, ACL reconstruction, AC separation in my right shoulder, metal in my wrist from a scaphoid break, too many confusions, bumps and bruises.

Lifestyle Chiropractic Marni

When I retired from my sport I realized that my body was not getting any younger and maintenance and nourishment needed to be a priority if I wanted to still play hard in this physical vessel. I had been doing yoga all along but really dove into the healing practice and body awareness when I stopped traveling and became more grounded. I also recognized that I needed more than just stretching but actual assistance in moving my spine and adjusting my hips that were imbalanced from snowboarding for so many years. The combination of many healing modalities has become a staple in my body maintenance program.

Just like our cars that need constant gas, oil changes and inspections. I believe the body needs that same attention and care. It is something that if we stay dedicated and consistent with, we can continue to play hard and live large in these gifts of bodies we were given.

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