Why everyone should see a Chiropractor

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Most people go to the doctor when there is a health concern; I feel sick, I am injured, I hurt. Most people go to a Chiropractor because they have pain. Pain in their back, pain in their neck, headaches. But many people also go to the Chiropractor to help maintain the level of health and well being that they continually work at through exercise and healthy diet.

People seek out a Chiropractor when they have back pain because the Chiropractor is the doctor whose primary focus is spinal health. The reason why; because the spine is the house and protective layer to the spinal cord which is an extension of your brain. The spinal cord is the conduit between your peripheral nervous system in your arms, legs, body to the brain. So consequently if your spine is not healthy and functioning appropriately then it has a very direct effect on how your nervous system is functioning.

There is for all humans an ideal structure to the spine and an ideal range of motion within spinal regions (neck, mid back, low back) and in between spinal segments (between one vertebra and another). The further away that a person’s spine goes away from this ideal function the more potential for a myriad of health issues and potential for injury.

So do you have a healthy spine? The best way to find out is to schedule an appointment with one of the doctors at Lifestyle Chiropractic in Seattle to assess, evaluate and potentially treat your spinal health issues and help to maintain your healthy active lifestyle.


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