What is Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

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Have you ever experienced sharp pain while lifting your arms above your head or when reaching up and behind your back? If the answer is “yes” then there is a chance that you suffer from what is called shoulder impingement syndrome.

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition where tendons of the rotator cuff (especially the supraspinatus muscle) or a bursa become impinged by the bones of the shoulder. It is often a very painful and limiting condition that is caused most commonly by repeated, overhead activity. Shoulder impingement can lead to inflammation and irritation of the tendons of the rotator cuff and when severe enough can actually cause a rotator cuff tear.

There are several different options for treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome, but conservative therapies tend to be the desired option for treatment. Conservative therapies include pendulum exercises, pain-limited active-assisted range of motion, joint mobilization (chiropractic adjustments), and isometric strengthening exercises for the internal and external rotators of the shoulder, deltoids, biceps and scapular stabilizers.

Recently, Matt Harvey, a famous pitcher of the New York Mets was diagnosed with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome midway through the 2016 year baseball season. Due to the nature of his profession and a time frame for his expected return to play, Matt Harvey and his team of doctors decided on surgical decompression for the treatment of his shoulder impingement. For Matt Harvey, and athletes of his level, surgical interventions tend to be more prevalent in attempts to expedite the healing process. However, in a study performed by Ketola et al, it was found that there was no evidence that arthroscopic acromioplasty provides any additional value in the treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome. During follow-up, it was reported that there was no statistically significant difference in self-reported pain between those who underwent surgical intervention and those who followed conservative, rehabilitative exercises. Additionally, surgical interventions can add tremendously to the costs of care.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome can be a nagging and debilitating condition. If you’re suffering from symptoms associated with shoulder impingement…Make a change today! It is time to get you out of pain and get you back to your best!

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